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Monday, August 30, 2010

Feeling Blue

I just watched the movie Julie & Julia, yes, I know, I am quite a bit behind in my moving viewing.  Anywhoo, it inspired me to start my own blog, and I wanted to use something like Empty nest in the title but that title was already taken.  So decided on the title you see posted above.  I am very new to blogging although there are a few blogs I follow that certainly make me laugh. 
I certainly don't want to copy Julie's idea in the movie - but I do love to Bake - not cook, I am so over cooking, although I guess if I learned to cook fancy french dishes I may change my mind on the cooking thing.  But I do love baking and wonder would it be fun to tackle some kind of new baking recipe every day, or week?  Any thoughts?
Ok, so the reason for titling today's blog feeling blue is that my two youngest children are now off at college, regardless of the fact that they are only one hour away from home, I miss them dreadfully.  I am used to taking care of people and now that they are gone to college they are obviously old enough to take care of themselves now, which leaves me feeling empty and blue . . .boo hoo . . .

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