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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Holidays . . .

Well, now that we have all survived many holidays piled on top of one another, there is finally time to update this blog!  My holidays went like this:
 1.  Thanksgiving - I was supposed to traverse to Bemidji to see my family but alas, the winter weather, rain, snow, sleet kept us home and me having to make a turkey, etc.
 2.  Christmas - we celebrated in Bemidji a week early due to the fact that Heather had to work Christmas at the weekend clinic here in Mo-Town.  A fun time was had by all and it included Dave's Pizza and watching my nephew Drew play a few hockey games so that was fun. 
3.  New Year's  - Well, I had to work at BP from 4-10:15 then I came home and managed to stay awake until midnight due to the fact that there were about 16 teenagers in my family room downstairs, tooting on noise makers and counting down to 2011!  My hubby, I can say, however, did not keep the whites of his eyes open to usher in 2011 with me.  Why is that?   Why can the man, dad sleep, but the mom cannot until all is quiet and everyone is home safe? 
Now its on to 2011 and my year has started with a new knowledge of how to secure tow trucks in the western Minnesota winter.  Tow Truck #1 - in Fergus Falls, where on Sunday we had to call one due to the fact that my Ford Explorer chose to croak approximately 3 miles before we arrived at our destination.  Tow truck arrived - hauled my vehicle to Fleet Farm to have a new battery installed and low and behold we made it back to Morris safely, (barely, however).  Tow Truck #2 - in Morris, where yesterday, Grant and I had to call one to have our explorer hauled to Morris Auto Repair for a new alternator!  UGH - enough already with the tow trucks (hey they were nice guys and all) but enough is enough.  I have not attemped to leave my house yet today - but when I do here soon - my car better run and get me to and from my desination - the grocery store . . .Here is hoping the rest of 2011 goes a bit better than the first few days have . . .

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