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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Strawberries :)

Yesterday, the local berry farmers, hand-delivered two-flats of fresh picked strawberries to my house!  I was thinking one flat won't be enought, right?  Well, 2 flats of strawberries is ALOT of strawberries - and we all know they don't last long.  So today I have made 1 batch of strawberry slush (freezing now) and 2 batches of strawberry freezer jam, and 1 batch of strawberry-rhubarb freezer jam, and sliced some up for the freezer, and eaten just a few!  They are tasty!  It has turned out to be a beautiful day here in West Central Minnesota so the windows are open and the fresh breeze is flowing through my kitchen, which smells really good!  I highly recommend you get yourself some fresh grown strawberries, they are a true taste of summer!  P.S.  tomorrow for breakfast - Waffles with Strawberries & Whip Cream  :)  Here are two recipes I used today:

Rhubarb-Strawberry Freezer Jam
2 1/2 c. chopped fresh rhubarb
2 1/2 c. chopped fresh strawberries
4 1/2 c. sugar
2  (3 oz.) pkgs. strawberry Jell-O

Chop your fruit and mix together with your sugar in a soup size pot.  Bring to a boil on the stove and simmer until rhubarb is tender.  Stir in the Jell-O and stir well, until dissolved.  Pour into jars, put the lids on.  Let set overnight.  Then place in the Freezer until you are ready to eat!

Strawberry Slush
2 1/2 c. fresh chopped strawberries
1 12 oz. can frozen lemonade
2 c. water
Mix all ingredients together in the blender.  Freeze.  When you are wanting to serve, remove from freezer and let thaw a bit so you can spoon it out, scoop desired amount into your glass and fill the glass with Squirt or 7-Up.

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