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Thursday, June 30, 2011

No supper here!

Well, the husband went off golfing, the rock-picking son went off to the lake and that leaves Heather and I for supper, which I thought about all day, but never got planned or cooked.  So the good news is now I don't have too  :)  We are kinda hungry though so some kind of snack is in order and then I have to go to work from 7-10.  It sure was a HOT one today!  I wish I lived by a lake - it would make me much more appreciative of these hot days.  As I sit here my central air is humming along and I am oh so thankful that I have it!  I don't mind some heat but it seems in Minnesota we can't get heat without the humidity that comes along and HUMIDITY is like a very long four letter word to me.  Anywhoo, this is the snack mix that I did whip up to take to my family in Bemidji for snacking at my brothers lake spot this weekend.

Sweet & Salty Mix
Crispix cereal
Honey Nut Cheerios
Fritos Corn chips
2 bags of Nestle White Chocolate chips
3 tbsp. vegetable oil

Mix WHATEVER ingredients you want together in the BIG Tupperware bowl.  The ingredients listed above are what I used today - I have been known to also use different Chex Cereals, frosted cheerios, M & M's, Cashews, Almonds, Teddy Grahams - you name it if its in your cupboard you can mix it in!  Fill the bowl pretty much to the top with your stuff, stir well.  Then melt the chips together with the vegetable oil until smooth.  Pour this over your mix and stir well to coat.  Dump onto a big sheet of waxed paper.  Let set.  EAT!